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      Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector, [1]
      Ad-hoc network, quality of service (QoS) [1]
      Ad-Hoc networks [1]
      Ad-hoc networks, Reputation Based Mechanisms, Credit Based Mechanisms [1]
      Ad-hoc δίκτυο, ποιότητα υπηρεσίας (QoS), OLSR, OPNET MODELER [1]
      Android, Eclipse, Patient Empowerment, Self-Management [1]
      Android, Kudos, Σημεία Τουριστικού Ενδιαφέροντος, Πολυμεσική Διαδραστική Εφαρμογή [1]
      Android, TCP sockets, SQLite database, server, client [1]
      Application design, quiz game [1]
      application, web page, xampp, ecology, economy, environmental pollution, house, “green” house, “green” consumer, heating, domestic electrical devices, climatic zones, energy consumption, forms of energy [1]
      Aquaponics, internet of things, sensors, application [1]
      Arduino , ArduinoMega 2560 , monitoring, air quality , sensors [1]
      Arduino , Wall following robot , PID, L239D motor controller, Ultrasonic Sensors [1]
      Arduino, ethernet shield, ηλεκτροβάνα, πότισμα, internet of things, απομακρυσμένα, γεωργία. [1]
      Arduino, GPS, heading, πηδάλιο, PID, μαγνητόμετρο, αυτονομία, ηλεκτρικός κινητήρας [1]
      articrlated characters, skeletal animation, skeleton-based rigging, algorithms for animation movements [1]
      Artificial intelligence, parametric curves, neural networks, curve fitting [1]
      Artificial Neural Network, Deep NN, Machine Learning, Convolutional NN [1]
      Augmented Reality, Culture, Application Development, Android, Microsoft HoloLens 2, Unity, Vuforia [1]