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      e-book, interactive book, Software Project Management, Android application, m-learning [1]
      e-health, Blockchain, Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT), Primary Health Care (PHC), Computed Tomography (CT) [1]
      e-Health, Hospital Information System, Medical Data Exchange Standards, Security of Medical Data, Electronic Medical Record, Technology of Medical Instruments [1]
      Education, learning, shapes, colors, game, Unity, Sac The Game [1]
      Electric vehicle [1]
      electric vehicles, electric vehicles smart charging, electric vehicle supply equipment, anomaly detection, machine learning, unsupervised algorithms, supervised algorithms [1]
      Electricity [1]
      Electroencephalogram [1]
      Electroencephalogram, EEG, pain, CPT - Cold Pressor Test, classifying, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence [1]
      Electromagnetic Radiation, Frequency Bands, Electric Field Strength, Spectrum Analyzer, Resolution Bandwidth, Measurement Range, Simultaneous Ex-posure, Exposure Limits, Statistical Analysis [1]
      Elemedicine, Multimedia, Interactivity [1]
      Embedded system, Emotion recognition, Intelligent toy [1]
      Embedded Systems, Access control system, Arduino, Web programming, Arduino programming language, RFID technology [1]
      Embedded systems, arduino, web programming, php, MySQL, C language, beeper [1]
      Embedded systems, Remote Power Control, Arduino, Relays, Current Sensor, internet Programming [1]
      Embedded systems, Web Programming, Electronics, power measurement, microcontroller [1]
      Emotiv Insight, [1]
      Energy consumption, cloud computing, machine learning, regression, task scheduling [1]
      epilepsy, epileptic seizure, encephalogram, electroencephalogram, time analysis, filters, CHB-MIT, epilepsy in children, Weka, Random Forest [1]
      Erasmus, πλατφόρμα διαχείρισης αιτήσεων, πληροφοριακά συστήματα, Laravel, προγραμματισμός διαδικτύου, πλαίσιο λογισμικού, bootstrap, css, php, Μοντέλο MVC, Βάσεις δεδομένων (SQL), ajax, front-end developer, προγραμματιστής παρασκηνίου, Application, management platform, information systems, framework, web development, bootstrap framework, MVC MODEL, SQL database, frameworks, back-end developer [1]