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    • THINK4JOBS Guidelines: A protocol for Critical Thinking transfer from curricula to labour market 

      Payan Carreira, Rita University of Évora (UÉvora); Rebelo, Hugo University of Évora (UÉvora); Sebastião, Luís University of Évora (UÉvora); Sacau, Ana consultant at the University of Évora (UÉvora); Ferreira, David University of Évora (UÉvora); Simões, Margarida University of Évora (UÉvora); Pnevmatikos, Dimitriοs University of Western Macedonia (UOWM); Christodoulou, Panagiota University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) (University of Western Macedonia: School of Humanities and Social Sciences: Primary Education, 2023)
      The Intellectual Output 4 (IO4) reports the results from the implementation of the Critical Thinking (CT) Blended Apprenticeships Curricula (CTBAC) described in the third Intellectual Output IO3 [1], and it discusses the ...