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      Artificial intelligence, customer satisfaction, fashion industry [1]
      Artificial Intelligence, Fashion, Consumer Behavior, Technology Acceptance Model [1]
      Consumer behavior, internet, Covid 19, Amazon [1]
      Cosmetic products, Advertising, Social media, E-commerce [1]
      Crowdfunding- Funding- Funding from the crowd- Businesses- Campaign [1]
      Culture, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Monuments, Social Media, Digital Marketing. [1]
      Digital entrepreneurship, innovation, Airbnb, tourism [1]
      Digital transformation, business, banks, electronic banking [1]
      Digital transformation, companies, business model innovation, digital maturity [1]
      Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Business Model, Finance Tools, Competitive Advantage. [1]
      Digital wallets, behavioral models, adoption intention [1]
      e-business, COVID-19, Greek companies, pandemic [1]
      e-commerce, e-shop, digital marketing, WordPress, WooCommerce, domain name, web-hosting [1]
      Email μάρκετινγκ, παράγοντες, ψηφιακή διαφήμιση, τύποι καμπανιών μάρκετινγκ, μετρήσεις απόδοσης, στρατηγική [1]
      Entrepreneurship, Female entrepreneurship, competition, gender inequality, emancipation [1]
      Environmental sustainability, Information and Communication Technology, Industry 4.0, emerging technologies [1]
      Fashion, influencer, marketing, social media, Covid-19 pandemic [1]
      Gamification, advergaming, storytelling, flow, archetypes, core drives [1]
      gamification, education, entrepreneurship education, educational tools, ICT [1]
      Green computing, computing, recycling [1]