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      Administration, conflicts, employees, public organization, management [1]
      Burnout syndrome, theoretical models, emotional intelligence, organizations [1]
      Burnout, Aliens and Immigration Departments, Demographic Characteristics, Risk Factors, Covid-19 Pandemic [1]
      Burnout, Pandemic Covid-19, Kozani General Hospital, Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI), Data analysis [1]
      Circular 360-degree appraisal, performance management, Human Resource Management, competency framework, Independent Authority for Public Revenue [1]
      Communication Models, Communication in Workplace, Conflicts in Workplace, Public Sector Organizations, e-EFKA, organizational structure, Local Department of Florina City, Regional Services of Support and Assistance, General Administrations [1]
      Communication, conflict, conflict management, manager, leader, quantitative analysis [1]
      Communication, conflicts, Property Agency, Ministry of Finance, Public Administration [1]
      Communication, effectiveness, interaction, interpersonal relationships, social media [1]
      conflicts in the workplace, conflict management techniques, communication, Niki’s Customs [1]
      Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Governance, Environment, Society [1]
      Covid-19 [1]
      Covid-19, νοσοκομεία, σύστημα υγείας, οργάνωση, διοίκηση [1]
      Decision Making Process, Teachers, Job Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, Special Education Schools, Prefecture of Magnesia [1]
      Digital Transformation, Human Resources Management, Greek Public Sector , Hellenic Police [1]
      Digital transformation, public and private sector, health, Greece [1]
      Digital transformation, value creation, digital technology, IKEA [1]
      Emotional intelligence and leadership, group dynamics, crisis management in the group, empathy and human resources [1]
      Emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, business communication, interpersonal communication, midwives, healthcare professionals [1]
      Ethics, Business, Human Resource Management, Aristotle, Leadership, Ethical Leader [1]